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Building Fairhill in the early 1960s

Ray Crites was the architect, designing at a time when computer-assisted engineering
would likely have to said to have been in its infancy.

Sun 12/27/2020 3:11 PM Christopher Seiberling writes:
I remember that you could see the grain of the boards in the concrete; they'd used rough-sawn lumber for the forms. I wonder if the architects liked or regretted this wood-grain effect after the fact.

The original concept of making the complicated curves by simply dropping one corner of a square was the ingenious.

Earlier Franklin Seiberling had written:
I had a photo a while back showing construction of the forms - not making its way to the surface right now; that was interesting because the boards (looked like 1 by 4s) that formed the curve in the hyperbolic paraboloids were straight lines radiating out, just as you might see in an architect's rendering, drawn with a straightedge.

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