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Frank and Gertrude Seiberling gained prominence in the upper echelon of Akron business and culture in the first half of the Twentieth Century. "F A", as he was known, founded the Goodyear Rubber Company, with brother Charles at his side, and then with Gertrude went on to build Stan Hywet Hall, a gathering place for the extended family, members of the arts community, and political and financial leaders.



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"... Frank A. and Charles W. were born in the Seiberling home at Western Star and after serving an apprenticeship in their father's various industries, struck out in the industrial world for themselves. In 1898, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company was organized with Frank Seiberling as president and Charles W. as treasurer. By this time, Akron was beginning to change from a machinery and cereal manufacturing center to the rubber center of the world. Most of the early major rubber companies were establishing headquarters in Akron. Most of these rubber companies were plagued with financial and patent problems. Competition was fierce but the Seiberlings were to see Goodyear grow to one of the world's largest rubber companies in the next 20 years. After the financial difficulties of the early 1920's the Seiberlings started the Seiberling Rubber Company in Barberton." —

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Ohio Inventor: F. A. Seiberling—a 10 minute video



F.A. through the years

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Granny Sei through the years



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The Christmas of 1940

The Partiarch

Portrait Gallery

An issue of The Wingfoot Clan published in 1918 for Goodyear employees

An issue of The Seibeneer, Seiberling Rubber Company newsletter, commemorated F.A.'s life and work

Cedar Lodge - the family summer retreat on Lake Huron

History of the Seiberling Family in America by John Frederick Seiberling in 1900

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View FA Jr's 1920s amateur radio room at Stan Hywet Hall, now restored

F. A.'s Gruen 50th Anniversary pocket watch, currently on display at Stan Hywet

The Finer Things—Jewelry, 1880s-1930s—a 2012 exhibition at Stan Hywet


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