Seiberling Visual History


F. A. Seiberling's Gruen 50th Anniversary
Pocket Watch

Shown on PBS's Antiques Roadshow in February, 2011


display in Billiard Room

F.A.'s Gruen 50th anniversary pocket watch in 2014 has been on display in F.A.'s office at Stan Hywet Hall.


Gruen watch

FA's Gruen pocket watch


Admiring Grandfather's watch

The watch Grandfather Seiberling used was a Repeater, whose chime he enjoyed demonstrating. The watch shown on this page is not that one, but rather a Gruen 50th Anniversary Watch, which had been given to him in 1928 by his sales team at Seiberling Rubber Company.

  Watch front Watch back  


Gruen 50th Anniversary Watch box

Gruen 50th Anniversary Watch opened

Gruen 50th Anniversary Watch inside box

Gruen 50th Anniversary Watch certificate

Gruen 50th Anniversary Watch ad




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