Seiberling Visual History

1900 to 1950


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F.A. Seiberling family portrait taken about 1908
Back: Irene Henrietta Seiberling (1890-1999), John Frederick "Fred" Seiberling (1888-1962),
Willard Penfield Seiberling (1892-1981)
Middle: Gertrude Ferguson Penfield "Granny Sei" Seiberling (1866-1946), Franklin August "F.A." Seiberling (1859-1955)
Front: James Penfield "Pen" Seiberling (1898-1982), Franklin Augustus "Frank" Seiberling, Jr. (1908-1990),
Gertrude Virginia "Ginny" Seiberling (1899-1971)
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A high school photo taken of daughter Irene in about 1905

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Frank A. Seiberling's wife, Gertrude, with their son, Franklin, taken about 1915.


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Family members in F.A. Seiberling's generation—1935
In order by age, Anna Augusta Miller, Franklin Augustus "F. A." Seiberling, Charles Willard "C. W." Seiberling,
Cora Delphine Wolle, Harriet M. "Hattie" Miles, Grace Irene Chase,
Catherine Gertrude "Kitty" Firey, Mary Blanche "Mame" Manton, Julia "Ruth" Pflueger

Click here for a poem credited to Will "Uncle Doc" Chase about the seven sisters & their husbands—1916


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Bringing the yule log into Stan Hywet Hall—1940
Click here for more pictures from the Christmas of 1940.

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Frank Seiberling Jr. and his future wife, Nancy Pendleton Jackson, in spring of 1941
A press photo taken on the advent of their wedding announcement.

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Gertrude Seiberling

Ruth Seiberling Pflueger—Picture courtesy of Anne Drackett Thomas

Fred Seiberling
Fred Seiberling, F.A. Seiberling's eldest son,
outdoorsman, adventurer, storyteller

Henrietta Buckler Seiberling
Henrietta Buckler Seiberling
Fred Seiberling's wife, she was instrumental in the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous

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Christmas at Stan Hywet Hall, 1945

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Frank A. Seiberling Sr., Jr. and 3rd—1945
Click here for a closer look at one of Grandfather Seiberling's watches

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John Frederick Seiberling Jr. | Edward (Ned) A. Handy | Frank A. Seiberling Jr.
Taken in 1945. Ned Handy is the son of Virginia Seiberling Handy, daughter of F. A. Seiberling Sr.


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The Christmas of 1940

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An issue of The Wingfoot Clan published in 1918 for Goodyear employees

An issue of The Seibeneer, Seiberling Rubber Company newsletter, commemorated F.A.'s life and work

Cedar Lodge - the family summer retreat on Lake Huron

History of the Seiberling Family in America by John Frederick Seiberling in 1900

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View FA Jr's 1920s amateur radio room at Stan Hywet Hall, now restored

F. A.'s Gruen 50th Anniversary pocket watch, currently on display at Stan Hywet

The Finer Things—Jewelry, 1880s-1930s—a 2012 exhibition at Stan Hywet


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