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Prior to 1900

New Link History of the Seiberling Family in America by John Frederick Seiberling in 1900

Frank and Charles and their seven sisters
Charles W. Seiberling and Frank A. Seiberling with their seven sisters,
Anna, Cora, Hattie, Grace, Kitty, Mame, and Ruth

Granny Sei in her wedding dress—1887
Gertrude Ferguson Penfield in her wedding dress
She and Frank Augustus Seiberling married in 1887

Early portrait of Frank A. Seiberling
Early portrait of Frank A. Seiberling

Early portrait of Gertrude Seiberling
Early portrait of Gertrude Seiberling


Grandfather, father, son John Frederick, F. A. Seiberling
F. A. Seiberling's grandfather Nathan Seiberling, Franks's father John Frederick Seiberling,
Frank's first-born son John Frederick, with Frank Seiberling—c. 1888

Catherine, F. A., son John Frederick, John Miller
F. A. Seiberling's mother Catherine Lucinda Seiberling, Frank with his son John Frederick,
and Catherine's father, John Miller—c. 1890

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